Professional Cleaners CAN:

  1. Minor stain on upholstered furniture and rugs. This must be disclosed during booking by the customer so that the cleaner could come prepared with an appropriate product. Such request should be added in the booking notes. This will be considered a deep cleaning or we would need to switch to an hourly rate.
  2. Minor mildew in the shower/bathroom. When tile/grout hasn’t been cleaned properly in a couple months, there might accumulate mildew and the client might request grout/tile cleaning. Such a job would be considered as deep cleaning/hourly job and details must be checked/disclosed by the client at the time of booking.
  3. We can do detailed dusting of shelves and/or bookcases if an appropriate cleaning was chosen. Hence, we advise to book deep cleaning or hourly rate so we would have more time to focus on this items.

Professional Cleaners CAN’T:

  1. Thorough professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. Professional cleaners don’t carry specialized machines to perform this task and have no experience with it. They also don’t do steam cleaning even if customer provides their own machine.
  2. Detailed grout and tile scrubbing. Such a job should be performed with an orbital brush drill attachment and they don’t carry those.
  3. Exterior window cleaning. Such work should be preformed by a professional window cleaning company since they carry all necessary instruments and appropriate ladders. Cleaning outside windows with spray and rags may cause minor scratches and extra liability for us.
  4. Animal/pet feces, vomit and crates. Unfortunately, this could be bio-hazard and dangerous for professional cleaners and other clients. Because of this, they don’t pick up after animals.
  5. Any kind of bug infestation. This issue should be solved by professional bug extermination company since cleaning is not effective with any kind of bug infestation. Domestic workers can clean a home if it was fogged for termites and client would like clean everything inside. Hourly rate only as this requires wiping down plates, cups, cookware and other items which is very time consuming.
  6. Light fixtures. They can be easily broken and damaged and takes up as lot of time to de-assemble. In short, we would suggest to contact specialized companies.
  7. Our referred professionals can’t power wash any items since they don’t carry specialized machines.

Please Note:

The following policies are not a contract for services. We prefer to generate customer loyalty by relying on the quality and value of our services to you as opposed to a signed “contract”. You are under no obligation for a specified number of visits or to continue future services and may cancel at any time.  


Payment is due after the service is completed and the customer is satisfied with the result. We accept Zelle,Venmo, check or $.  


If your pets are sociable, we do not mind them roaming the house we all  love pets! However, for the protection of your pets and our staff, we request that any pet which may become nervous or aggressive during our visits be either kenneled, restrained to a room in which we will not be cleaning, or kept outside in a fenced area that our staff will not have to cross.  

Special Service Requests:

Services such as vacuuming window treatments, cleaning a guest bedroom(guest house), etc. can usually be performed along with your regular cleaning. There may or may not be a small fee depending on the task involved, so please leave a note regarding the request on the kitchen counter. If there is an additional fee, we will simply add it to the amount of your next cleaning and communicate it to you prior to that visit. Tasks requiring more than 15 additional minutes need to be scheduled through the office by calling (424) 413-7090.  

Equipment / cleaning products:

Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning will provide all necessary equipment and cleaning supplies. If you prefer a product that we do not stock, you are welcome to leave it on the kitchen counter and we will be happy to use that product. A waiver of responsibility on the part of Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning must accompany these products.

Schedule Changes:

We understand there may be times when you have a change of plans. We request a forty-eight (48) hour notice* to reschedule or cancel so that another customer may fill your appointment time. If 48 hours notice is not given, we reserve the right to charge an $80.00 cancellation fee so that we may compensate for the loss of the appointment. If we send a cleaning team to your home and no notice was given, we charge a $80 lock out fee to compensate the cleaning team for their travel time and their loss of work hours in your home. *In the event a forty-eight hour (48) notice cannot be given due to emergency situations, please call as soon as possible – we generally allow 2 gratis reschedules per year for emergency situations!


Please communicate with our office regarding your preferred entry method.

Issues/concerns about the service provided:

Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning is committed to providing you the highest quality of service achievable at the most reasonable price. Our Field Supervisors inspect homes on a routine basis to ensure that the quality of your initial cleaning is being maintained. If you have any concerns or questions, please phone our office immediately. If necessary, we will return the following business day to correct any oversight. Preparing for your cleaning visit: We provide professional “cleaning” services as opposed to “housekeeping” services. Taking a few minutes to accomplish these simple steps will help ensure that your home receives the most thorough cleaning possible!
  • Pick up clothes, toys etc. from floors and surfaces to be cleaned(or add organized)
  • Place clean linens on the end of any bed(s) you wish stripped and changed. If no clean linens are laid out, the bed will be made up with the existing linens(add  service).
  • Unload/Load dishwasher as needed.
  • Secure pets if necessary.
  • Place payment and any notes to our staff communicating any special needs or feedback for today’s visit on the kitchen counter
  • Please Note: Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning staff cannot remove or clean up animal or human excrement, blood, rodent droppings or other bio-hazardous waste due to insurance and sanitation restrictions.

Exclusivity of Services:

A) Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning Services goes to considerable expense to recruit, screen, hire and train its staff members. In consideration of this expense and due to liability concerns, Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning staff members are not permitted to provide services to Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning clients without the express written consent of Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning Services owners. (Including but not limited to: babysitting, dog walking, house sitting, organizational services, cleaning services, etc.) B) In the event a customer cancels service with Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning, said customer agrees not to hire, contract with, or otherwise employ any person associated, formerly associated, employed, or formerly employed with Supriimclean Probiotic Cleaning Cleaning Services. Customer hereby agrees to pay a finder’s fee of $1600.00 for any staff member (current or former) that the customer wishes to employ, contract with, or enter into any other type of agreement with for violation of this agreement. C) Use of our services constitutes your agreement to these terms and policy