Probiotic Cleaning Service for Healthier Workplaces in Los Angeles

Probiotic cleaning products are the innovative, sustainable and safer way for Facilities Managers to create health-promoting workplaces. Research shows that a well-being work environment promotes productivity and reduces absenteeism and presenteeism.

The impact of cleaning products on well-being and health should not be overlooked. The Provilan range from Ingenious Probiotics is a game-changing, innovative, sustainable and safer cleaning product strategy. These cleaning products are made from natural probiotic bacteria sourced from plants and do not contain chemicals or toxins.

Healthier Living Spaces

Probiotic cleaning products clean safely, naturally and thoroughly at a deep microbial level. They restore healthy environmental balance wherever they are used, making the whole indoor environment cleaner and healthier. Provilan probiotic cleaning ranges are A+ rated and do not contain chemicals or toxins, reducing bio-allergens and eliminating unpleasant odours at source. The helpful probiotics can be dispersed gently into the room air via a dispenser, preventing mould and pathogenic bacteria from forming in the duct work as well as removing mould and bacteria that have already grown there.

Environmentally Sustainable

Changing to probiotic cleaning products is a visible commitment to sustainable business practices. These products are biodegradable, vegan, naturally sourced from plants, and PETA-certified as animal-cruelty-free. The helpful probiotics have a slow release, natural and mechanical cleaning action that keeps working effectively for several days after application. Over time, this can extend cleaning intervals, reduce product use requirements and reduce the need for occasional ‘deep cleans’. When discarded down the drain, they carrying on working, safely and efficiently continue to clean and reduce pollution from waste water, drains and inside pipework, reducing the toxic burden on the environment.

Keeps Cleaning Teams Safe

Our Provilan range of probiotic cleaning products are proven to be completely safe for cleaning operatives. They do not contain toxins, carcinogens, chemicals or corrosive substances that are harmful to health. This is essential as reports show a dangerous link between long-term use of chemical cleaning agents and serious illness.

Probiotic cleaning products are socially responsible, preserving well-being, promoting health, and increasing productivity. Make the switch to Provilan and enjoy the benefits of a safer and healthier workplace.